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You know what's lame about candy buffets? Others people's fingers in your candy. Some big, burly guy with mechanic hands. You know the kind. Stuff under their nails.  Where have they been? What kind of fun is that? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Colorful candy, yummy candy, candy that takes you back, way back, like 10 years old back. AND a scoop in the bowl.
Use a scoop in your candy jar, not your hands.

Wedding candy buffets candy scoops tongs, ladles, will keep their hands off your candy! Take home boxes, bags, for late night treats.  Candy jars, candy containers and bulk candy purchases for your candy buffet.  We can help you plan, and answer candy buffet questions that you might have.  What a perfect idea for your next event or wedding........A Wedding & Event Candy Buffet.  Commercial food scoops and kitchen scoops.

Ahhhhh.......Candy.....Who doesn't love a candy buffet?  Candy scoops help keep fingers out of the goodies at candy bars and sweet tables. Thinking of a candy buffet for your wedding reception or event? We have a large selection of candy scoops, candy tongs, candy ladles and candy buffet jars, containers and supplies.  Need a coffee scoop? Looking for different small scoops? How about a colorful plastic shovel for a "beach theme". Candy Buffet Supplies, wholesale prices.

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It's a new and fun trend, "The Wedding Candy Buffet". They add fun and color to any wedding. All it takes is some old fashioned glass candy jars, candy scoops and bulk candy to coordinate with your color scheme. Using retro candy or "candy I ate as a kid" brings back all types of memories. Come on in.....look around we have a buffet of scoops, shovels, ladles and spoons. (Don't forget your pets! Large Scoops and feeding scoops.) 


wedding & event candy buffets

Wedding Candy Buffet Supplies Choices Now Easy to Find.   

The wedding candy buffet as spectacular display can be built without breaking the budget and guests love them as candy wedding favors. Brides are creating either towers of sweets at a central table or creative displays right at the guests' tables. There is no need to obsess over what your guests might like or worrying about a cheap looking gift. Candy brings back those carefree fairy tale memories of everyone's childhood and not only puts guests in a great mood, they eagerly gobble it up or scoop it into their little bags to bring home.

Wedding candy buffets add fun and color to any wedding. All it takes is a table with some old fashioned glass candy jars, scoops, and bulk candy to coordinate with your color scheme. We have all your  candy buffet scoops, tongs, ladles, boxes & bags, candy and candy buffet supplies.

Guests will quickly figure out what to do once they spot a stack of candy bags and scoops in large candy jars. No instructions required!

The secret to memorable presentation is to treat the candy as a display for its aesthetics, somewhat like having an ice sculpture versus just a block of ice. Large clear vases and jars of various sizes and shapes. Then use medium sized boxes and other support platforms with a loose drape over them to create a variety of heights and some texture for your display. Filling the vases with solid colors can be very dramatic and finding a few fun, high impact items such as swirly lollipops can add a nice touch along with adding with a few personal photos, flowers and keepsakes. Don't forget fresh fruit and or salty snacks as well.

On line bulk candy stores sell a wide variety of candy. Candy stores have products arranged by colors, category, old time candy, by brand, and by holidays or special occasions. Candy Buffet Supplies.

Candy Buffet CANDY.

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