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A Little Somethin' Somethin', Small Holiday Gifts

Candy Buffet Guru

So, are you ready?  If you are ready or not, the holidays are still a coming.  What category do you fall into?  Love them.  Holidays, blah, not so much?  One holiday that we LOVE!  Yes, all in caps.  Is Halloween.  It's kind of the lost holiday.  A party here an there, then poof, it's gone.  Thanksgiving overpowers it, competing for decoration space on the store shelves. 

Sometimes spooky or just  that the weather is getting cooler and the trees are changing colors.  Fun times.  But, then it seems overnight, everything switches gears.  Gotta get food, turkey, clean for guests, cook, bake, clean some more.......  Then get gifts, cook, clean, get a tree, cook, clean...... then New Years......Come ON January 2nd!!!!  It's madness.

What about all the other people in your life that are not family. Should you give a gift to?????

school teacher? babysitter? mail person? boss? co-worker? garbage pickup?

We personally like gift cards or food cards.  Everybody has to eat.  But if a small gift of sweets is on your mind, take a look at these.  Small and cost effective.  Small clear acrylic container with a scoop.  Holiday ornament that you can fill.  Cocktail shaker with small scoop.  Small candy container with small scoop. A little something just to say thanks.  Great holiday small gift ideas.

  • Other small gift items:  Tea Accessories  Wine Bottle Stoppers
  • Everybody LOVES candy.

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