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Going on A Honeymoon

Randi Kay wedding ceremonies

So you are going on your honeymoon?

A fast way to receive honeymoon miles/activities from friends and family towards your honeymoon trip. The bride and groom register just like any wedding registry, but the honeymoon gifts help pay for the honeymoon. Friends and family can purchase airline miles that are deposited into the bridal couples honeymoon registry account.  Forgo gifts at your wedding and let guests know in your invitations that you are registered at a Honeymoon Registry

Before You Leave Home:
Leave important non-travel papers, such as your social security and credit cards at home. Suspend your newspaper and mail delivery; or have a neighbor collect them for you. Before you head out the door, turn off or unplug any appliance that doesn't need to stay on.  Set your lights on timers, in various rooms. Make sure your house looks lived in.
While On Your Honeymoon:
Keep a travel journal. Memories fade over time.
Sun screen or bug spray.
Take lots of photographs.
Relax, have fun, and laugh allot!
If something goes wrong, write it down. Write down the dates and locations, as well as the extra expenses you incur, as well as the names and titles of the people you speak with trying to resolve the problem. Upon your return home, contact the customer service department and ask to be compensated. Read the whole story here:

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