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It's Not Grandma's Scoop Any More.

Candy Buffet Guru Scoops

So you want to purchase Candy Buffet Scoops.

Back in the day there was a scoop and only one scoop.  It was a 5 ounce aluminum scoop. You remember them, they were in all the candy bins, grain bins, bulk bins at the grocery store.  Well, Dorothy, it's 2017 and things have changed!

Today, there are all types of candy scoops, metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, white, colors, mini, short handles, long handles, they are all here.  Clear is nice, but add some spice!  or colors!!  Add a ribbon on the handle to match your theme or event colors.


Scoops will do just that, scoop.  But keep in mind, gummy candy, cheese or sticky candies, scoops can not scoop.  Using a tong for these types of candies will work wonderfully.

Tongs are for sticky items.  Gummy, cheese, pretzels, meats etc. 

Ladles are for tall candy jars / containers where there is a small / skinny opening.

Measure Guide:  Click here to see what size candy scoop will work great for your containers.  Also quantity control.  (wouldn't want to run out of candy)

TIP:Candy buffets are not only for candy! Salty items go GREAT with candy buffets. Also keep in mind your guests. Some might not want candy or can not have alot of sweets. Fresh fruit balls, pretzels, nuts, chips, chex mix, cheeses will make your candy buffet sing.

Party on!

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